Prophecy Update #639 – Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

These are exciting times for believers in Christ who are interested in Bible prophecy. Many things that are suggested by unfulfilled, future prophecies seem to be trending.

We reserve a few minutes Sunday morning to discuss some of those things. We are careful to use recognized, reliable sources for news and information.

We’re not saying the things we report are the fulfillment of prophecy – only that they are the things you’d expect from reading the Bible literally.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ seems to describe what commentators call a one-world government during the future Great Tribulation. You’d therefore expect a serious movement towards a more global governance to gain traction before the Tribulation.

There is such a movement, with a plan called The Great Reset.

It is being promoted by the UN and the World Economic Forum. It is described as, “a five-point plan concerned with enhancing sustainable economic growth following the global recession caused by the COVID19 pandemic lockdowns.”

Those in favor of this reset see the COVID19 global pandemic as their opportunity to push forward their agenda.

One reporter from said, “There is a master plan. There is no great secret global backroom conspiracy developed behind closed doors. What we have is an upfront, publicly co-ordinated, globe-spanning political power campaign to use the COVID19 pandemic as a launch pad for a reshaping of the global economy.”

Canadian PM Trudeau said, “The pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges, like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

In June, the Prince of Wales, flanked by the IMF’s Kristalina Georgieva, and UN chief António Guterres, said, “There is a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis… Global crises know no borders, and highlight how interdependent we are as one people sharing one planet.”

Another quote from that same article said, “Other world leaders are also set to reset, especially Joe Biden.” You might recall that Biden’s campaign adopted the slogan, “Build Back Better.” They borrowed that from The Great Reset.

An article titled, “What is The Great Reset” says the following:

The global COVID19 pandemic [is] an opportunity to correct the shortcomings of the existing social, economic and political institutions around the world. According to the World Economic Forum, “The inconsistencies, inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems – from health and financial to energy and education – are more exposed than ever amidst a global context of concern for our lives, livelihoods and the planet.”

Within this setting, the WEF calls for collaboration among experts and world leaders to propose and implement a vision for the future that will “build a new social contract that honors the dignity of every human being.” The values highlighted by the Great Reset propose an ideological shift away from capitalism. This includes shifting the global focus towards fairer market outcomes, the advancement of sustainability measures and the improvement of environmental, social and governance metrics across industries. 

The Great Reset global agenda calls for unprecedented cooperation among countries and industries around the world to unite under one recovery strategy aimed at repositioning the current trajectory of society as a whole.

I don’t know if The Great Reset is the precursor to the one-world government of the End Times.

I’m simply pointing out that this was predicted over 2000 years ago by John in the Revelation.

We believe the resurrection and rapture of the church is imminent. It could happen any moment; nothing needs to happen before it. It will definitely happen before the Tribulation.

Jesus will return in the clouds. He will raise the dead in Christ. He will transform the bodies of living believers to glorified, resurrection bodies.

We will all join Him in Heaven while the earth endures one final seven-year campaign of severe evangelism.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, Get ready; Stay ready; Keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!