Prophecy Update #643 – I Think I’ll (Common) Pass

These are exciting times for believers in Christ who are interested in Bible prophecy. Many things that are suggested by unfulfilled, future prophecies seem to be trending like never before.

We reserve a few minutes Sunday morning to discuss some of those things. We are careful to use recognized, reliable sources for news and information.

We’re not saying the things we report are the fulfillment of prophecy – only that they are the things you’d expect from reading the Bible literally.

Imagery in both the Book of Daniel and the Revelation leads us to believe that the End Times will feature a global government, and a global economy.

But globalism is exactly what we are seeing on account of COVID19.

We are reminded constantly that it is a “global” pandemic, and that it therefore requires “global” cooperation, “global” regulation, and “global” participation.

Along those lines, let me introduce you to CommonPass.

On January 14 the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), a broad coalition of health and technology corporations, was announced. The VCI combines the efforts of companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Mayo Clinic for the purpose of standardizing digital access to vaccination records. The VCI also garners support from the World Economic Forum through The Commons Project Foundation and its CommonPass project.

Common Pass is a “globally-interoperable platform for people to document their COVID19 status (health declarations/PCR tests/vaccinations) to satisfy country entry requirements, while protecting their health data privacy.”

In other words, it’s a digital tracking system designed to keep people from traveling unless current with vaccines and other future health requirements. 

All CommonPass requires is a smartphone and it works on Apple (through the Apple Health app) and Android (through the CommonHealth app) devices. Authorities will be able to scan a QR code embedded in the app that will verify whether an individual is cleared for travel.

No one should believe that data will be kept private, or that the type of data gathered will not be expanded.

One reporter said,

No matter the origin or true lethality of COVID19, the coronavirus pandemic has been utilized to implement broader agendas that have been planned well in advance. One of the motivations for declaring a global pandemic was to make possible the widespread usage of new technology such as facial recognition, digital IDs and payment systems, mRNA vaccines and vaccine certificates. This is openly stated in books such as COVID19: The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Some are now calling COVID19 a Plandemic.

That’s not to say it isn’t real, or serious; it is.

That’s not to say any government planned it, and released it on purpose.

It is, however, a matter of fact that globalists are taking advantage of it to establish a much larger global social and economic agenda.

This is just the kind of stuff that you would expect from a literal, futurist reading of unfulfilled Bible prophecy.

We believe the resurrection and rapture of the church is imminent. It could happen any moment; nothing needs to happen before it. It will definitely happen before the Tribulation.

Jesus will return in the clouds. He will raise the dead in Christ. He will transform the bodies of living believers to glorified, resurrection bodies.

We will all join Him in Heaven while the earth endures one final seven-year campaign of severe evangelism.

Are you ready for the rapture? If not, Get ready; Stay ready; Keep looking up.

Ready or not, Jesus is coming!