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John 17:1-19 – The Never Ending Glory

The Battle of Stalingrad…the Battle of Britain…Pearl Harbor…Guadalcanal… Midway…D-day.Historians say any one of them could legitimately be considered the decisive turning point of WW2.We are defining “turning point” as the point at which a very significant change occurs; a decisive moment.There is a

Prophecy Update #716 – Green Trifecta

The only way to make sense of what is happening around the world today is to know what is going to happen tomorrow. God has seen fit to tell us a great many things about the future. There are hundreds of yet-to-be fulfilled prophecies in the Bible. We reserve a few minutes Sunday morning to sugges

Blood Brothers (Genesis 34:1-31)

Our passage tonight is a truly shocking depiction of sin. The story is full of ruin and violence, and waste. The most shocking thing is how much of it is carried out by God’s people. Genesis shows what sin does to the world but also what God does to rescue us from it. It’s about how God gives grace

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, Soon You Will, Then You Won’t (John 16:16-33)

Former Department of Military Instruction Director at the US Military Academy Colonel Robert “Tex” Turner famously said, “I woke up in a cold sweat. I had a nightmare that I was still in Ranger School. Thank God that I was in Vietnam. Compared to Ranger School, combat was easy.”Each month hundred

Prophecy Update #715 – The Big Chill

We reserve a few minutes Sunday morning to suggest news, or trends, that seem to be predicted by a literal, futurist reading of the Bible. We are careful to use recognized, reliable sources for news. There is a lot of sensationalism surrounding unfulfilled Bible prophecy, and we don’t want to ad

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John 17:1-19 - The Never Ending Glory

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Prophecy Update #716 - Green Trifecta

Genesis 34:1-31 - Blood Brothers

Prophecy Update #715 - The Big Chill