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The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (Nahum 2:11-13)

In 1898, two maneless, male lions terrorized the Tsavo region of Kenya. They dragged off and devoured human victims almost daily, and were particularly focused on a British construction camp. Thousands of Indian and African workers were there, building a bridge over the Tsavo river. The estimated nu

I Now Announce Us Husband And Wife (Isaiah 54:1-17)

Christians who held a conviction that it was wrong for them to watch a Rated R movie were conflicted: How could they not join their brothers & sisters who rented-out theaters and invite unbelievers to watch The Passion of the Christ?It was the top-grossing Rated R movie of all time. It has since sli

Prophecy Update #781 – A Kohen Brother

An embassy is the primary diplomatic mission in a foreign country’s capital, while a consulate is a smaller mission in a major city.Israel on Monday struck an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, and killed a number of senior leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to the Pen

D&D&D (Nahum 2:1-10)

The opening 24 minutes of Saving Private Ryan changed movies forever. Spielberg’s epic set a new standard for brutality and intensity that filmmakers have been imitating ever since.Nahum chapter 2 is like the opening of Saving Private Ryan. It depicts the fall of Nineveh in shocking, visceral terms.

The Cameo King

Before his death in 2018, Stan Lee was known as the king of cameos. He had over 130 acting credits, but it’s in the MCU where his appearances were most appreciated. He showed up 38 times in Marvel movies.[1] He was a WWII general, a mental patient, a dog-walker, a galactic barber, an oblivious libra

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Nahum 2:11-13 - The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

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Isaiah 54:1-17 - I Now Announce Us Husband And Wife

Prophecy Update #781 - A Kohen Brother

Nahum 2:1-10 - D&D&D