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Home Is Where The Lord Is (Genesis 13)

We live in an area where people love to talk about where they want to live other than here. The Central Valley seems to be one of the fountainheads of the #calexit mentality, as people see greener pastures in states to the east. I’m guessing a sizable number of people in this room have either known

Thank You At Your Service (Psalm 100)

What makes a Thanksgiving meal? This week, some of you were able to enjoy special items that only come out once a year. Others had to endure traditional horrors that issue from the kitchen. Americans love Thanksgiving. When it comes to the feast we usually go big. 20% of all the turkeys eaten each

Take A Whip Down Merchandise Lane (John 2:12-25)

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan challenged the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to remove the Berlin Wall. Two years and five months later, the wall separating West and East Berlin for twenty-seven years came tumbling down

Prophecy Update #681 – Where Have All The Freedoms Gone?

Quote: “Because the Bible is the only book which gives us an accurate forecast of the future, we must turn to its pages in order that we may be delivered from inexcusable ignorance and be prepared as God unfolds His prophetic program.”We reserve a few minutes to discuss current trends that you’d exp

Movin’ On Down (Genesis 12:10-20)

In the classic Simpsons episode You Only Move Twice, Homer gets a taste of wealth and success. He’s hired to be an executive at a power plant in a new city and, at first, everything seems to be going great. The family gets a big, new house. Homer’s salary and social status increase. But all is not w

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Psalm 100 - Thank You At Your Service

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Prophecy Update #681 - Where Have All The Freedoms Gone?

Genesis 12:10-20 - Movin' On Down