Prophecy Update #700 – WHO’s On First, WEF Is On Second
Will man find salvation at Davos? Some of our global leaders think so. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #699 – One Card To Rule Them All
Two-thousand plus years ago, the apostle John wrote about the future. He saw all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave… receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his
Prophecy Update #698 – Take Your Stinking Hands Off Me, You Dumb Human!
Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, cashless commerce, the manipulation of human DNA, global government, the exponential growth of human knowledge, and the rebirth of national Israel are End Times phenomena the Bible predicts. All of these are increasingly trending in the news. (Pastor Gene Pensie
Prophecy Update #697 – Bodies And Souls
Reading the Bible as a futurist, you expect the “new slavery” (human trafficking) to be increasing worldwide. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #696 – Hysteria Or Hysterical
Some believe Biblical futurists indulge in religious hysterics, but do the trends in the world today line up with what we read in the Bible? (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #695 – Crispr Critters
In the Days Of Noah, the angels mating with human females were able to affect and alter human DNA to produce this weird race called the Nephilim. It was an attempt to destroy humanity at a genetic level. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #694 – The New World Oppression
The last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, very definitely predicts global government during the Great Tribulation. It is sometimes described as a One World government or the New World Order. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #693 – Push Reset
The End Times we read about in the Revelation is a global, one-world, totalitarian government. The currency of its citizens will be controlled by a global economic system involving some sort of personal identifier. It sounds exactly like the world the Great Reset is openly promoting. (Pastor Gene
Prophecy Update #692 – We Are Lions
In His prophetic sermon we call the Olivet Discourse, Jesus said the End Times would be like it was in the Days of Noah, when fallen angels were attempting to corrupt and destroy the human race by altering our essential DNA makeup. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #691 – The Other Pandemic
The future seven-year Great Tribulation is described in detail in chapters six through eighteen in the Revelation. One of its key features is the global authoritarian government of the antichrist. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #690 – Conscious AI​
Artificial Intelligence might have a role in the future Great Tribulation. It could, for example, power the Image of the Beast. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #689 – Panopticon
It is disturbing to think that governments are creating huge databases about each of us from a multitude of sources in order to better surveil us. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #688 – Cashin’ Out
The prophecies we most discuss are those that predict a cashless, global economy, that is accessed by a personal identifier. During the future 7-year Great Tribulation, the world leader we call the antichrist will control commerce and travel, indeed every aspect of the lives of his citizens. (Pasto
Prophecy Update #687 – Enhanced Meta Transhumans
Satan’s Nephilim were the first attempt at what today is called Transhumanism. It is “the improvement of human capacities through advanced technology.” Examples are cryogenics, virtual reality, gene therapy/RNA interference, space colonization, cybernetics, autonomous self-replicating robots, molecu
Prophecy Update #686 – Sophia’s Choice
We’re not saying the image of the Beast will involve AI. We’re saying that developments like AI are what you’d expect from reading your Bible. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #685 – Totally
The believers in the current Church Age will be resurrected and raptured. A strong world leader will rise to power sometime afterward and exercise totalitarian control of his citizens. He will require they swear allegiance to him. Anyone who refuses will be executed. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #684 – Long COVID
After the church has been resurrected and raptured, a strong world leader will gain totalitarian control of his citizens. He will require they swear allegiance to him. Anyone who refuses will be executed. The pandemic COVID19 is not an End Times plague. It has accelerated an acceptance of totalitari
Prophecy Update #683 – Face The Nation
Could the Mark of the Beast be some manner of biometric technology? Biometrics are unique individual traits, such as fingerprints, that can be used to verify identity and to transact commerce. It ‘fits’ the Bible’s prediction. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #682 – Rise Of The Mandates
The Bible predicts a global totalitarianism and I think we are seeing how fast something like that can occur, with the blessing of most of the world’s population. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #681 – Where Have All The Freedoms Gone?
Control over buying and selling involves control over pretty much everything. If the government wants to restrict your movements, they will. If they want to track you, they will. You get the idea. We are experiencing on a small scale what this kind of control will be full scale in the future. (Past
Prophecy Update #680 – Somebody’s Watchin’ You
The future is an intrusive surveillance state. Facial recognition, retinal scans, palm scans, and implanted chips are the tip of the technology iceberg that exist and are currently in use. Any of them could be used by government to restrict buying and selling, restrict travel, or pretty much anythin
Prophecy Update #679 – Behind The Surveil
John saw a future in which the buying and selling of goods and services would require participation in a global system. The government will be able to control a person’s life to be sure they comply with its mandated behaviors. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #678 – Shoot, Fido, Shoot
The rapid progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disturbing trend. The military is charging forward with AI combat applications. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)
Prophecy Update #677 – The FBAI
The rapid progress in Artificial Intelligence is a disturbing trend. AI is the ability of machines to mimic the human mind. The ultimate goal of AI is to create an object that can think like a human. (Pastor Gene Pensiero)